Anonymous said: hey sorry if it's been aleady asked but what kind of brush have you used for that last comic about ahri and malcolm?


Hi! I’ve updated my brush pack, and have compiled the stuff into a handy dandy sheet. Click on the image to grab the expanded version, and grab my brush pack here.

(the one you’re interested in is called ‘iS_antialiased’)

The sources of several of these brushes are as follows:
Algenpfleger , Houston Sharp, Paul Scott (from the ‘Using Reference Imaginatively’ pack)







When something doesn’t look right, but you can’t figure out why, make a copy of your layer and try some of these tricks.  Staring too long at a piece without breaks is often where I “kill” a piece and lose scope of the work as a whole.  Thanks to letsplaygods for the supersaturate trick.

I already flip and value check often. Though those other things seem like pretty niffty tricks to keep in mind when i’m spending more than 4 hours straight on a piece//working on something from start to finish.

Also for the love of god remember to zoom out. I’ve had so many awful moments of “this is lookin’ greaFFFFFUUUUUUUU”

I use the flip trick religiously, and the value check when I remember to. Zooming out is also VERY important. It has been hard to teach myself to work initially zoomed out. Focusing in too tight can totally mess up your piece. Remember, people see the big picture first, then the details. That’s how you should work as well.

also if you’re making a big composition where you need to center the attention on certain area you should try the effect “median” (filter->noise->median), it’ll help you see if the sillouettes in your composition aren’t too overwhelming and if you need to fix them in order to direct attention towards the main subject of picture


Preview of “The Art of Book of Life”! 

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Tip and trick in zbrush


A quick guide for the anon who asked how I got the effects in my previous drawing. It is probably filled with spelling and grammar mistakes, I am sorry about that! Also trying out the font I made today. So far I like it C:

I hope this awnsers your question on how I did it, anon!

Game Art_Textures

Apparence vs reality. So great animation


Devon  Dorrityon Sculptures

website | deviantART | Facebook

Devon Dorrity is an award-winning fantasy figure sculptor based out of  Mountain Green, Utah. His sculptures have been featured in Spectrum 20: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, ImagineFX: June 2014, and in The Museum of American Illustration’s Spectrum Exhibit in September 2014.

Devon started sculpting seriously in 2012 after being invited to attend a modeling session at Adonis Bronze by Dennis Smith.

His first finished piece was a 78” monument sized figurative piece entitled Queen of the Seas. It is a Cecaelia, a mythical human octopus hybrid creature. Then several other sculptures followed including The Sorceress and Wood Nymph.